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People’s ways of living and working have shifted with back-to-work from the pandemic, and housing supply remains tight in markets across the country. Our data and analytics can help you understand where new and emerging markets are, who is driving them, and how your company can reduce capital risk and invest for future value.

Connect with us today to learn more about our experience and expertise in real estate, with comparative value and reducing risk when making capital investments. Where should you invest your next dollar to ensure the highest returns? Let’s have a discussion on preserving values while creating value. 


Consumer preferences and global supply chains are shifting. The availability of raw materials like lumber, insulation, and hardware is constrained, making pricing volatile and unpredictable. Setting up effective buying centers, as well as intelligently integrating inbound purchasing and outbound sales processes, is crucial for survival in construction.

Meanwhile, disruptive technologies promise to revolutionize urban planning. Electric vehicles, whole house batteries, and the push to electrify everything changes the demands on the grid and the design of home utilities. Autonomous vehicles will require rethinking parking, home design, and traffic management, in ways that interact with changing user demands. Decarbonization and ESG interact with supply chain issues to pose unique challenges and opportunities for market development.

Whether your company is in construction, a large retail or office space provider, or interested in how changing patterns in where people live might affect the consumer markets you rely on, we can help you create more accurate market forecasts, anticipate shifting demand, and adapt your business strategy to match

We combine key metrics like the Case-Shiller Price index with our geographically specific models to shed light on changing market conditions and potential opportunities to increase supply chain resilience, change a company’s real estate portfolios, or otherwise adapt to changing demand.

What we provide: Our services and solutions

We implement big data and analytics to create models to help our real estate clients forecast market trends and profoundly comprehend the market potential for retailers. We can pair market potential and real estate insights to assess store potential for retailers. 

We perform sophisticated market research and analyses by utilizing robust mathematical modeling developed by industry SMEs. These models are used to create accurate, best-in-class forecasts for our clients for demand, portfolio and price risk, and shifting markets. As health crises, natural disasters, and other elements lead to changing demand for local housing markets, our data can show companies where their potential vulnerabilities are and how to address them.

Our agile solutions can strengthen models, forecasts, and simulations for our clients, while identifying anomalies and errors using AI, ML, and RPA. We also help businesses improve their teamwork and increase productivity.

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