Predictive Forecasting

Predict future outcomes

Capture Opportunities

In today’s world, it is fundamental to understand the causes and effects of anomalies at a profound level. SafeRock reduces waste and increases value by identifying at-risk observations early on. Our powerful data science teams use sophisticated models and proprietary algorithms to improve results. 

SafeRock has broad experience in anomaly detection across multiple industries, sectors, and markets. We can analyze billions of data points within the systems we create, and these are specialized to help our clients identify outliers, anomalies, as well as areas of business risk and potential threat. 

Energy Sector forecasting

In the energy sector, for instance, SafeRock has built a uniquely powerful predictive system for oil and gas fracking for basins in Eagle Ford, Permian, and Bakken. A case in point is our proprietary Big Data algorithms that forecasts production for oil and gas wells with great accuracy and automatically identifies anomalies and outliers at the well level.

Demand forecasting

Similarly for the retail and consumer sectors, we have captured lost sales by identifying precisely which geographies or markets are most likely to suffer product shortages and out-of-stock. Armed with these accurate predictions, management can then intervene to solve the problem by proactively sending supplies there. 

Supply Chain forecasting

In chemicals and industrial, accurate sales forecasting can alleviate cycles of excess demand and excess supply. Through anomaly detection, we can improve factory production, quality control, and supply chain bottlenecks. 

Customer retention

Through anomaly detection, we have accurately forecast market price changes, anticipated behavioral change by customers, and fought to recapture drop-off in loyalty and increased share-of-wallet. Using such timely detection, management has been able to improve performance and drive savings as well as incremental profits. 

Fraud detection

We have worked with industry leaders to identify and eliminate fraud, waste and abuse as well as to deliver unified Enterprise Data Lakes and more accurate demand forecasts.

Our ‘Digital Twin’ simulator optimizes E&P value of land

What we provide: Our services and solutions

We utilize robust statistical models developed by industry SMEs through our connections with leading research institutions. 

These models are used to create accurate, best-in-class forecasts for our clients. We automate anomaly detection, and our predictive forecasting increases productivity, agility, and cost savings.

Our agile solutions can:

  • Identify anomalies and errors using AI, ML, and RPA 
  • Strengthen models, forecasts, and simulations
  • Accurately and quickly flag fraud and waste
  • Improve teamwork and focus on what matters most
  • Reduce workload for staff and increase productivity