Ensure customer loyalty

Strengthen customer engagement

Our proven expertise sharpens your company’s marketing edge. We support your mission and improve demand forecasting to establish wins in each and every market through Big Data analysis, modeling, forecasting, and simulations. SafeRock has developed uniquely powerful proprietary algorithms that optimize ROI and can drive incremental basket sales. We offer these to help you gain a unified view of online and offline commerce and thereby optimize your marketing spend. 

SafeRock improves the effectiveness of marketing for online, offline, and social media platforms. With our extensive operational experience, we can improve merchandising and marketing, automate production workflows, manage assets, and increase ROI for our clients. SafeRock can deploy its ‘Best in Class’ marketing analytics to improve sales response at every customer touchpoint, by item, category, customer segment, trade zone, and season. In addition, we can customize our systems to suit your particular needs and integrate with internal enterprise systems and data warehouses. 

Our powerful engines work in near real-time, using sophisticated models that apply Big Data to improve marketing decisions and optimize budgets. This improves promotion efficacy in a comprehensive way that combines return on investment for physical stores, marketing channels, and e-commerce. For more information about how we can help you extend your reach, contact us. We’ll be happy to share specific case studies with you.

We provide strategies and technologies that work, and we know how to improve, re-engineer, and strengthen marketing effectiveness. 

We work with these main objectives:

  1. Sharpen promotion decisions and increase the ROI of each and every dollar of your marketing spend.
  2. Provide your marketing and executive team a unified ‘Customer 360º’ view that integrates online and offline marketing to help you gain share of wallet and improve loyalty.
  3. Optimize profits with customer segments, available inventory, transaction baskets history, and promotion response.
  4. Increase customer retention and drive the lifetime value of your customer files. 


Our unique tools will help your company recover lost sales, improve demand forecasts, and increase bottom line profits and top line sales. We support companies to improve their marketing budgets and spending by accurately measuring what worked, and showing where to increase spend, and where to pull back. 

SafeRock doesn’t just provide temporary fixes to your marketing challenges. Our return on ad spend analysis uses multi-period planning to effectively link marketing and merchandising, and find the optimal levels of inventory while looking at demand and final prices to keep making your business more nimble and continue finding innovative strategies that adapt to your business’s unique needs. 

Our ‘Digital Twin’ simulator optimizes marketing ROI and sales

What we provide: Our services and solutions

Using advanced data analytics, we work to help you create unique marketing strategies to optimize your company’s performance.

Price and Promotion Optimization:

SafeRock provides these pricing solutions to maximize marketing efficiency:

  1. Promotion optimization
  2. Regular price optimization
  3. Best-in-class ROI Analytics solutions
  4. Pricing, inventory, and markdown optimization


At SafeRock, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our data science experts can create custom solutions so that your company can realize its full potential. 

SafeRock’s data science team can accurately project sales, forecast market demand, and help capture lost sales. Along with our algorithms for calculating incremental sales and profits, this helps to drive customer traffic and transaction, calculates the true ROI of marketing spend, and shows how to optimize the tradeoff between price and profits.

Data Science:

Companies are facing a rapidly changing environment with more digital information than ever. SafeRock focuses on innovation and data science to improve outcomes. New levels of personalization and customization drive outreach, while digital technologies capture information on the go about people’s mobile and store shopping patterns, purchases and transactions, and out-of-stocks. We combine our data science skills with strategy experience to improve marketing outcomes. We make it simple to go from data to improved marketing decisions. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

SafeRock applies new and innovative approaches, including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and automation to data and systems that improve marketing collaboration, campaign execution, and program outcomes.