Artificial Intelligence

Provides forward vision

Creates valuable insights

Data science provides insights to improve decisions. Public and private sector organizations are facing a rapidly changing environment with more digital information than ever. SafeRock focuses on innovation and data science to improve outcomes. As new and disruptive technologies enter the market, this provides more cost-effective ways to complete the work. New levels of personalization and customization drive outreach, while digital technologies capture information on the go about people’s health, supply chain, financial actions and transactions, and markets. We invite you to connect with us to explore our advanced analytics. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

Our advanced applications are focused on creating business value. Using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation, and thoughtful use of MLOps, we improve design and data. This better design uncovers insights that improve decisions for businesses and public sector.

New levels of personalization and customization drive outreach, while digital technologies capture information on the go about people’s health, supply chain, financial actions and transactions, and markets.

Artificial Intelligence for Fraud Detection: 

SafeRock applies new and innovative approaches, including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and automation to data and systems that improve collaboration, support decisions and refine budget allocations. We use AI and ML for fraud detection, reduce waste and abuse of taxpayer funds, and improve governance. An example of this is described above for the State of California in its Treasury-funded homeowner relief programs.  

Artificial Intelligence for Energy and Predictive Forecasting:

For the energy sector, SafeRock supports data-driven decisions with modeling, forecasting, and simulations for companies large and small. For instance, SafeRock has built a uniquely powerful predictive system for 100,000+ oil and gas wells for a top global energy producer for US fracking, Our algorithm forecast production for oil and gas wells more accurately then Wall Street analysts.

Our ‘Digital Twin’ simulator optimizes E&P value

What we provide: Our services and solutions

We utilize robust statistical models developed by industry SMEs through our connections with leading research institutions. These models are used to create accurate, best-in-class forecasts for our clients. We automate anomaly detection, and our predictive forecasting increases productivity, agility, and cost savings.

SafeRock develops innovative technology solutions

We bring our customers onto the cloud, integrate digital processes and, where desired, take over the operation and support of IT systems. Our approach is a fast-paced, highly iterative, agile methodology that is geared towards rapid development that delivers value at all points in the business life cycle. We support project teams that involve multiple disciplines and multiple distributed locations. 

Our patented technology and deep proprietary IP in algorithms can reduce total costs of operations. We strengthen outcomes around data transparency, and data harmonization, and help establish a ‘single source of truth’ for your company. We combine new approaches to your business for optimal flexibility and cost advantages. Through our process, we can utilize huge quantities of real-time data to provide strategy and recommendations for our clients, resulting in improved outcomes.

Our proven expertise sharpens your company’s marketing edge

We support your mission and improve demand forecasting to establish wins in each and every market through Big Data analysis, modeling, forecasting, and simulations. SafeRock has developed uniquely powerful proprietary algorithms that optimize ROI and can drive incremental basket sales. We offer these to help you gain a unified view of online and offline commerce and thereby optimize your marketing spend. Our mission is to help the industry prepare for the future. Our successful track record is codified in analytics to improve productivity and enhance integration in the digital age with carbon neutrality a key objective to achieve shortly.

Our agile solutions can:

  • Accurately and quickly identify fraud and waste
  • Strengthen models, forecasts, and simulations
  • Reduce workload for staff and increase productivity
  • Improve teamwork and focus on what matters most
  • Eliminate anomalies and errors using AI, ML, and RPA


Our team understands the details of your needs and works closely with your company to jointly improve sales and operations, strengthen your innovation pipeline, and extend your financial runway. We focus on pragmatic solutions that increase shareholder value and market capitalization. By using the right tools, we can help company management to grow business value, improve strategic position, grow your leadership, deliver data-driven outcomes, and help you manage cash flow and business activity more effectively while balancing your customer goals. 

Our ‘Digital Twin’ simulator optimizes sales and profits