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SafeRock serves companies and financial sponsors in North America, Europe, and Asia. We focus on specific sectors such as consumer, retail, CPG, E-commerce, private equity, chemical, industrial, energy, and health.

Case Studies

We provide realistic advice to companies facing transformative challenges.  SafeRock serves Global and Regional companies. We work closely with public and private company Management and Boards to increase value, cut costs, and reduce risk. Our mission is to transform the industry by helping companies become future-ready and thus stronger. Dive into a selection of our recent case studies below.

About Us

SafeRock supports your business with selected solutions, co-investment in joint projects, and advanced systems that bring new perspectives and answers.

SafeRock works to preserve and advance the value of our clients. We bring a unique combination of strategy and deep expertise in operations and data science to enable efficient, streamlined modernization. Our experience spans multiple sectors, product categories, and industries. 

SafeRock was originally founded in 1997 to provide services for retailers and brands by unifying systems, analytics, and workflows and to make these companies more agile. We provide a unique combination of executive strategy combined with deep operational experience and innovative data science.


Our Work Process

Our hands-on knowledge of marketing, merchandising, and supply chain, as well as our immersion in data science in algorithms, allows us to create production systems that are trustworthy and insightful. Our powerful solution engines works in near real-time using sophisticated models and proprietary algorithms to improve results.

An overview of our work flow is outlined below.


In this step we collect data and start to identify general patterns. Data collection takes approximately 2 weeks.


Using the data collected in the previous step, we analyze patterns and develop a footprint for the POC.


Based on the analysis, we engage in machine learning to produce cost-efficient results that address the problem.


After the completion of the real-life proof of concept, we review the outcome and decide on how to apply it large scale.

What Our Clients Say

SafeRock in the News

We are proud of our thought leadership with industry partners, company management, and universities including Yale, Columbia, and Penn State. We are respectful of technological innovation emerging from new tech, research institutes, as well as companies. We partner with incubator companies, venture capital, and emerging technology firms to discuss economic trends, customer engagement, and new solutions.

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